Perfect Supply & Value Network

Perfect Supply & Value Network

Maximize resource utilization by matching capacity with demand

After your forecast is ready for the supply review process, you start applying constraints. These constraints include inventory, materials, manufacturing capacity, and people – the distance between what you should produce and what you can produce widens. This gap reflects lost business.

With Perfect Value Chain solution from Dassault Systèmes, demand and supply chains are completely integrated. Perfect Value Chain enables planners from both areas to work together, creating and comparing demand and supply scenarios – to close any gaps (i.e. hire more people, create more shifts, add promotions, explore additional supply sources, etc.), maximize efficiency and cash in on additional sales opportunities.  

Your supply plan will integrate seamlessly with your operational plan, enabling the smooth move from capacity to capability.  

Keys Capabilities & Benefits

  • Specify the planning strategy trading off different KPIs
  • Find the plan that best satisfies the KPI goals with the optimizer tool
  • Set stock targets based on Pareto supported product portfolio analysis
  • Minimize inventory levels with finite capacity planning
  • Configurable S&OP hierarchies for rich supply chain modeling