Perfect Consumer Demand

Perfect Consumer Demand

Forecast accuracy improvements

Accurately anticipating demand improves customer service, increases sales and reduces costs. That’s why overcoming the uncertainty of demand remains the highest priority of today’s supply chain leaders. There are many sources that roll up to a consensus forecast and individual companies usually have their own unique blend of some or all of the following inputs:

  • Customer forecast
  • Sales forecast
  • Marketing plans 
  • Crowd forecasting
  • Statistical forecast

By analyzing historical demand and market intelligence, Perfect Value Chain solution from Dassault Systèmes helps you to determine what’s to come and how you can benefit from it. You have a single platform from which you can run your entire planning process, including planning product launches, tracking how your demand plan fluctuates, and identifying collaborators’ contributions to the process. With Perfect Value Chain, you’ll be best placed to anticipate demand through improved statistical forecasting, collaborate more effectively with your internal sales teams and external customers, and explore demand scenarios to increase sales.  

When market conditions change or new intelligence is made available, Perfect Value Chain automatically revises your forecasts too. The result is better forecasts, created faster.

Keys capabilities & benefits

  • Automatically calculate the optimal statistical forecast using advanced algorithms
  • Collaborate effectively by giving users simultaneous access to the most up-to-date version
  • Continually learn how forecasts change over time and how demand planning is benefitting your business
  • Receive real-time notifications of forecasts that need your attention
  • Maintain agility by creating multiple scenarios to manage opportunities and risks