Perfect Store Execution

Operations Compliance & Quality

Ultimately, execution at the point of sale is critical for both Retailer and Brand Manufacturer. A delightful shopping experience, brand equity consistency and operational excellence are achievable with clear instructions and plans designed to fit the local store.  

The Perfect Store Execution component of Perfect Shelf 3DEXPERIENCE from Dassault Systèmes provides the ability to generate the mounting and execution instructions in multiple languages in a single click! And with new mobile capabilities, Perfect Shelf easily enables a ‘one version of the truth’ data view to ensure strong execution. Mobile capabilities can increase working relationships between global and regional team and/or headquarter and store personnel.  

The ability to measure, assess and report the execution of merchandising strategies provides real-time insight to compliance and enables the opportunity to have continual improvement at store-level….and also the chance to adapt corporate merchandising strategy when needed.  

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • REAL-TIME COMPLIANCE MONITORING with new mobile and digital connectivity features (virtual twin)
  • SPEED IMPLEMENTATION by creating multiple planogram and language versions quickly and easily
  • DRIVE LOYALTY with a well-designed shopping experience
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT to planograms with real-time data and the ability to communicate quickly to store level
  • REDUCE CHANCE FOR ERRORS in operations by taking a ‘one version of truth’ approach to data housing
  • MAKE BETTER AND FASTER DECISIONS for stores by reviewing real-time data and optimizing merchandising strategies