Perfect Production

Materials Synchronization and Management of Manufacturing Operations

Perfect Supply Network Intelligence

Delivers a global approach to product quality and brand consistency

Quality continues to be a critical component of the user experience and Perfect Production enables your enterprise to take a unified approach to quality management to reduce the risk of retailer remediation and the likelihood of a public recall and brand damage.

Perfect Production is a perfect tool for ensuring quality, consistency of brand and consumer experience regardless of plant or geography. The solution lets you target and achieve excellent quality execution through consistently applied and enforced processes that leverage manufacturing data intelligence derived across your enterprise.

You can institutionalize best practice processes and take a global approach to traceability and containment that supports today’s “single platform, many SKUs” product strategy!

Keys capabilities & benefits

  • Near real-time solutions for key quality issues including excessive scrap levels, supplier performance, product non-conformance, and process variability
  • Common measurement standards across plants and suppliers
  • Streamlined process of on-boarding suppliers
  • ‘Early Warning’ awareness at all operational levels