Perfect Product

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Perfect Ideation

The power of intelligent dashboards

When it comes to creating a new formula, it all starts with gathering the appropriate information that will drive to the right strategic and business decision. Decision makers need clear, easy to access, visual information that answers the following questions: How to catch the latest consumer’s needs, market trends and regulatory's past and upcoming evolutions to make the best product launch decision? How to gather the company’s knowledge and expertise in formula creation and make it available to the appropriate stakeholders?

Perfect Ideation, from Perfect Product, provides a platform for CPG brand and contract manufacturers to start by listening to consumer's conversations and competitors activities online, collaborate together to identify new materials and ingredients, stay in touch with the latest regulations, and collaborate together using decision based dashboards to coordinate the product development process.

Perfect Ideation transforms large volumes of heterogeneous and multi-source data into meaningful and real-time information intelligence to help project members to make the right business decisions faster.

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Get access to external information such as competitive news, market news and trends, blog posts, social media, and also internal marketing studies or competition SWOT to help drive product innovation
  • Manage Inputs from the different stakeholders or collaborators: R&D, legal to get access to the latest regulations
  • Discover new materials and ingredients to enhance new product offerings