Perfect Formula

Optimize formula design for satisfying business objectives

Formula creation is all about winning the second moment of truth. Because a product will, at least, deliver the promise that convinces the shopper (First moment of Truth), then the consumer satisfaction level will be high enough to drive the product to be repurchased, again and again.

Convincing a consumer and delighting the product usage is part of the packaging role but mainly related to the product experience, i.e. the formula efficacy, performance and ultimately perceived value.

Perfect Formula, from Perfect Product, delivers R&D organizations from brand and contract manufacturers with a robust formula design and management solution that manages powerful ingredient-level calculations. Constant innovation in products requires an agile development for formulations. More than ever, it is also about leveraging the raw materials availabilities in different plants around the world at the lowest cost.

Key Capabilities & Benefits:

  • Formula optimization to perfectly answer the marketing requirements from properties standpoint (new trends like organic or "natural", texture, color, smell, efficacy, etc.)
  • Formulator can do cost optimization for the formula and make the best choice at the "upfront" of the innovation process vs. late in the process
  • Materials alternate and substitution management