Perfect Artwork & Labeling

Avoid costly recalls through integrated artwork and copy management process

A single product initiative may need 10 or 12 label variations for one market. As the product is launched in multiple geographies, that number goes up exponentially to manage the complexities of different regulations, languages and sizing to create the right package for consumers.

Today many companies manage their copy in word documents or spreadsheets that are scattered around the company on network drives and individual computers. When it is time to produce new artwork, no one is quite sure which version of copy and graphics is corrector even if what is currently in the market to be 100% accurate.

Perfect Package integrates the copy management and artwork creation process and enables you to create new label designs in just 24 hours by centrally managing the process across organizations and suppliers. This includes copy development, translation management, and artwork template creation and approval.

Instead of creating each piece of artwork from scratch, companies can dynamically generate label variants with language mapping and artwork templates. Companies create and adapt labels for a new geography in a series of clicks that can be completed in minutes vs. what is normally an 8 to 12 week process.

Perfect Package also integrates to GS1 industry standards for artwork authoring and artwork proofing tools to eliminate the chance for errors, provide digital review and comparison, and serve as the system of record for all artwork and language copy. This eliminates many of the sources of packaging errors which can trigger a product recall which could cost millions.

Key Highlights and Benefits

  • Lower product recall rates caused by artwork errors by creating a single solution to maintain control from copy creation to final artwork approval
  • Increase speed to market with centralized assets and the use of templates for future artwork development and translations
  • Improve brand consistency by leveraging equity system and design assets created by brand managers and design agency
  • Improve cross-organization collaboration through automated workflow and social collaboration to keep efforts in sync and eliminate rework
  • Lower artwork costs through the centralization of assets for internal and external organizations to leverage the same assets globally and drive reuse

With the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, all our stakeholders can collaborate from idea generation to validation of the final Barilla package using a digital representation of the same master label. No more working on outdated samples and making decisions that have to eventually be rescinded, which drove our costs up and our response time down. With this solution, we can digitally exchange ideas faster, more intuitively, and with few to no packaging recalls.

Marco Rossi IT Business Process Support Director, Barilla