Package design efforts are often scattered across multiple groups and suppliers using different systems. This can lead to rework, delays, higher costs, quality issues, and recalls. What if you could break down these silos and get everyone working together using an integrated business platform? 

The Perfect Package is a 3D Industry Solution Experience that enables Brand Manufacturers, Design and Marketing Agencies, Packaging Suppliers and Artwork Studios to collaborate together to create breakthrough designs and allows for rapid iterations from sketching the initial concepts to seeing complete designs in store. Designs can then be rapidly adapted to meet local markets across the globe.

Perfect Package can significantly shorten package design cycles, cut packaging materials costs and virtually eliminates the chance for recalls. Companies can rapidly reuse and adapt designs for line extensions, new sizes and local preferences to accelerate speed to market and expansion into new geographies.

Discover the value of Perfect Package 3DEXPERIENCE solution

  • Cut design time up to 50 percent
  • Reduce material and design costs between 30 and 50 percent
  • Virtually eliminate costly packaging-related recalls and quality incidents
  • Accelerate expansion into new markets at a fraction of the cost

One of our performance metric targets was to reduce the number of design revisions we made by 20 percent in a year. We are well ahead of that goal

Suresh Krishnan Group Manager of Advanced Engineering Services, Amcor