Perfect Lab

Faster research and increased lab productivity….while reducing cost

Perfect Quality Lab

A fully integrated electronic quality testing process enhances data quality and improves productivity

There has been a 30-40% increase in regulations concerning site safety and compliance that affects R&D organizations in general, and the lab specifically. Perfect Lab is a fully integrated electronic quality testing process that reduces compliances efforts by improving productivity, streamlining management of formula manufacturing processes, and improving data quality and data access.

Perfect Lab bridges the gap between the lab and Environmental Health & Safety. The chemical inventory management system enables safe chemical handling, storage and management, accurate chemical tracking and reporting in compliance with Local, Federal and international EH&S regulations.  

Ultimately, Perfect Lab shortens cycle times and gets you to a finished product, faster!

Keys capabilities & benefits

  • Minimize compliance issues with fast, easy-to-use chemical inventory management system
  • Comparison of chemicals and chemical inventory with defined hazard and regulatory criteria
  • Integrated Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management 
  • Connect  to lab instruments to avoid transcription errors
  • Country-specific safety and compliance inspection planning, management and reporting

“…reduced the total number of containers on site by half, from 10,000 containers to 5,000 containers”

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