Product Portfolio Management

Product Portfolio Management

In the Consumer Packaged Goods industry, Moore’s Law continues to drive the exploding number of new technology and products. Managing product portfolio to support exponentially increasing demand of customers has become more complex. Consumer Packaged Goods organizations must adapt themselves to this new level of complexity by getting the best ideas from the marketplace and make products that meet market needs. Traceability from ideas and customer requirements throughout the product lifecycle, from ideation to obsolescence, is of strategic importance in maintaining customer satisfaction and growth in market share and profitability.

 Dassault Systèmes (DS)' Product Portfolio Management solutionallows consumer packaged goods organizations to establish product management procedures throughout the New Product Development & Introduction (NPDI) process. We provide robust requirement management capabilities that promote collaboration between product managers and technical teams while capturing and processing the voice of customer, coupled with internal as well as external compliance requirements. 

 Based on the list of candidate requirements, engineering can establish a proposed list of features which represents the customer’s view of the product capabilities prior to the availability of the actual technical solution. Throughout the product lifecycle, product functional, design, and test specifications are tracked for each new product feature.  As products proceed through development, crucial changes to product specification can be conducted swiftly and communicated to all stakeholders. End to end traceability throughout the product lifecycle allows for assuring that the as-shipped product meets or exceeds customer requirements and expectations.

Product Portfolio Management

Our solution provides product managers and marketing with the ability to define product lines and models of available and future products. Once product line hierarchies are defined, marketing text, name and images can be associated with each product line and model. As a result, this managed marketing data can be automatically used to populate public web sites and product catalogs, making it easier for you to promote products to prospects and customers.

 This solution helps you plan your product portfolios according to customer needs, market shifts, and technology innovation. It gives you the flexibility to create new Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and user-configurable dashboard views to allow for ease of maintenance and reaction to changing business models. By giving management real time visibility to product portfolio development status, critical go/no-go decisions can be made before resources are deployed or costs incurred.

Product Portfolio Management solution includes:

  • Requirement management
  • Product line planning
  • New Product Introduction
  • Product Line Event calendar
  • Configured product catalog management
  • Revenues planning/forecasting

Using Dassault Systèmes' ENOVIA, we were able to change the way we operate within different functions and this is the most important advantage: moving from a functional approach to a process approach.

Mauro Viacava, CIO Barilla Holding SPA, 2007