Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail Business Processes

Please select the processes in the following chart. Each solution from Dassault Systèmes can be implemented individually to solve specific business or engineering challenges. Together, this comprehensive and integrated Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Product Life Cycle Management solution set helps companies in their strategic initiatives around the transformation of product development, manufacturing and enterprise collaboration processes.

Concept Initiation
Product Development
Product Validation
Manufacturing Validation
Start of Production
Market Launch
End of Life

Benefits of 3DS Consumer Packaged Goods PLM Solutions:

  • Increase product appeal and consumer experience by utilizing cutting edge packaging design, virtual shopping, and store configuration tools.
  • Strengthen branding by enforcing the usage of brand definition, logos, messaging and other marketing standards utilizing templates and workflows.
  • Increase development pipeline volume by reusing product information from one project to another in order to develop variants more quickly.
  • Close the gap between what is produced and what the market wants by maintaining traceability from ideation to commercialization and obsolescence.
  • Positively impact decisions related to calendars, materials, cost and quality by performing virtual product qualification early in the development process
  • Integrate regulatory compliance into product development process to reduce the chances of last minute changes and product recall.
  • Drive material costs down by publishing material specifications across brands, regions and categories to create efficient procurement processes.
  • Enable low cost manufacturing outsourcing by creating a centrally managed global virtual work teams and using a single repository to store all product information throughout their life cycle.