An Integrated Vision for Fashion and IoT

Fashion Brands Connecting with Consumers via Technology

Opportunities Driven by the Modern Era of Connected Devices

Connected digital devices are quickly expanding around us. More than just phones and computers, the Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting everyday devices and altering how companies do business. And while traditionally digital industries such as automotive and consumer electronics have rapidly embraced IoT, the fashion industry has had a much harder time figuring out how to merge this opportunity with a world more comfortable with tangibles such as fabric, hand-feel, and yarn.

For more than ten years, Dassault Systèmes has lead the industry with technology solutions for over 17,000 companies in fashion, consumer goods, retail, and luxury. Better than anyone else, we understand how to seamlessly weave technology together with fashion and expose opportunities that other miss.

Fashion’s Opportunity with the Connected Digital World

The Internet of Things is the next big opportunity for the world of fashion and Dassault Systèmes has both a vision for what it looks like, and the technologies to take advantage of it. 

Our narrative will take you inside this vision and how a consumer and a brand can connect through the ultimate product experience. 

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