My Mobile In-Store Review

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A key factor for any successful retailer is to ensure compliance across different stores and different locations.  This challenge becomes more difficult in today’s retail environment, where competing brands and retailers are chasing growth by extending product categories or testing alternate formats.  Frequent floorset changes are also needed to draw traffic from consumers who can easily find newness online.

My Mobile In-Store Review provides retailers with the infrastructure to share 3D Planograms in real-time between retailer’s HQ and store managers across the retail chain, with a simple interface that can run on mobile device. Visual Merchandisers share their latest updates of the planogram and store managers can access it in real-time, when they are standing in front of the actual displays and fixtures that need to be updated. Store managers can visualize local business metrics on the 3D planogram, and can decide to make local adjustments if needed. The end result is communicated back to HQ in order to capture the local implementation, and using the feedback for upcoming changes that might be applicable to other stores.

Key Benefits:

  • Interactive 3D Planogram shareable and accessible from anywhere using mobile devices
  • Real-time updates automatically available across the retail chain
  • Business Key Performance Indicators to support local adaptation
  • Feedback and actual implementation shared back from stores to retailer HQ