My Analytics

Retail Performance

Does your retail performance meet your expectations? Do your products sell as well as they should?  What do consumers say about your products, a new collection, or your new marketing approach? How do you measure and understand the impact of your shelf strategy on store operations? Brands and retailers need to gather information from external and internal data sources to understand how changes affect the shopping experience. 

With My Analytics companies can extract more value from their existing information across multiple systems, including the web, and generate real-time and in-context results as queries, dashboards and alerts. Stakeholders can make better-informed decisions and implement rapid adjustments to improve retail performance for increased revenue and profit. With information intelligence, organizations become more agile and dynamic. 


Key Benefits

  • Accelerate visibility and analysis across internal, partner, and public information for faster decision-making
  • Consolidate information from multiple sources on mash-ups and personalized dashboards
  • Set triggers and alerts on key metrics
  • Provide 360°, real-time views of customers, products and sales across all channels
  • Unlock data without costly data marts by indexing existing sources