Consumers that have an exceptional shopping experience come back. So merchandisers need to have a vision for the way they want their stores to look, and ensure they can consistently deploy and validate that vision. A lot of thought goes into visual merchandising to define the ideal product mix and how to best display it to enhance the brand ‘persona’ for each floorset and each store classification. The goal is to deliver the “wow” moment, and a unique shopping experience that will maximize sales and have a direct topline impact. To learn more about your potential 3D merchandising benefits, try the personalized My Store video.

My Store is a Dassault Systemes Industry Solution Experience for all consumer goods retailers and brands that want to deliver a more compelling and more profitable consumer experience. Leverage the power of 3D visualization, even using 2D images or sketches, for Virtual Merchandising and assortment planning and validation. Product options can be synchronized to design and development. Designers, merchants, space and category managers and store teams can collaborate in real time to review, iterate and validate different options for product assortment and placement, fixtures and signage, and even take a first-person walk-through from the perspective of the consumer. 

Visual assortments are overlaid with powerful business metrics around pricing, margin, color or material mix. Planograms are automatically generated to provide clear guidance to stores teams. Mobile audits support field compliance and capture feedback. The result is better, faster and more accurate deployments of the merchant vision, and more compelling and profitable stores.

Explore a Virtual Retail Experience using your phone and a Cardboard VR viewer. If you don’t have a viewer please contact Sales and we’ll be happy to share. 

Key Benefits:

  • Make informed decisions for efficient assortment planning and visual merchandising
  • Define intelligent and sales-driven use of space and make it attractive too! 
  • Eliminate the need to wait for a full range of physical samples to test floorset options
  • Connect with consumers and capture and share feedback with virtual shopping experiences
  • Capture retail performance in real time with 360° visibility

There’s now more logic behind the assortment – it tells the story. And this creates a far better customer experience

Laurent Thoumine Vice President of Supply Chain, celio*