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My Product Documentation

Expedite technical documentation creation by reducing tasks without added value

Companies need to efficiently communicate on how to use, assemble, manufacture, sell and repair their products. Yet product documentation is often relegated to a position of secondary importance. Providing anyone who interacts with the product with the best experience requires quality documentation. 

Hard and soft goods companies have a powerful and intuitive toolset to help them innovate in the way they generate and distribute product information. Anyone with access to native 3D and 2D product data can begin generating dynamic publishing assets thanks to My Product Documentation’s intuitive documentation functionalities and user interface. Specialists and non-specialists alike can repurpose existing design data from the earliest stages of product design to create and update deliverables such as marketing materials, technical illustrations, and interactive 3D experiences. With My Product Documentation, user documentation and product information are linked; when design changes are made, they are easily reflected in the related documentation because My Product Documentation uses the original design data. 

Key Capabilities & Benefits:

  • Leverage the power of 3D to create clear, accurate and up-to-date documentation in record speed
  • Enable marketing teams to create interactive user experiences in the form of eye-catching videos, storyboards, and animated deliverables that have high impact on prospects and customers
  • Ease of implementing changes to documentation encourages content creators to work with early design data and to advance in parallel, improving time to market
  • Reduce the cost of design reworks on associated documentation
  • Improve operator and maintenance efficiency and safety
  • Improve manufacturing quality and reduce costs thanks to fewer manipulation errors
  • Guard against duplicated effort because documents are clear enough to require no text and consequently no translations; the same documentation “speaks” different languages
  • Create stunning and realistic product images using high-resolution graphics with lighting and camera positioning capabilities