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Manufacturing excellence through flexible production and quality optimization

My Agile Manufacturing

Build and identify manufacturing & supply network to reduce implementation timelines and costs by up to 75%

Production sites are not all equal with respect to equipment, capacity and manpower. To streamline their operations and meet their market delivery imperatives, brands need to rely on a standard manufacturing process that can be tailored to a plant’s individual characteristics.

With My Agile Manufacturing, brands have flexibility. They can begin by modelling a core production process into the system along with their corporate best practices. They can then customize this process by entering the characteristics of each plant and the equipment available and the solution automatically generates the resulting manufacturing operations for each plant. This avoids having to define multiple instruction sets by hand, saving companies valuable time. 

Key Capabilities & Benefits:

  • Reduced implementation timelines and costs by up to 75% for multi-plant implementation
  • Leverage, more efficiently, the capacity of each production site to meet market delivery commitments
  • Enables global coordination with local execution of material manufacturing operations