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Accelerate and Optimize Machining Operations

Machining offers “Best in class” surface machining quality and ensured collision free tool paths. The latest techniques to cut complex molds in hard material are available to optimize tool paths and tool life. The solution enables contract manufacturers to program, simulate and optimize their machining processes through tight integration of tool path programming with machine tool simulation. NC programmers can identify and resolve errors in tool paths earlier and reduce programming lead times. Machining templates can be reused to dramatically reduce the development of tool paths.

Key capabilities & benefits:

  • Reduce time and cost for manufacturing with digital continuity
  • Drastically cut time of NC programming, through automation of the machining process and templates reflecting the user experience
  • Collision-free tool paths
  • Minimize errors and ambiguity in NC programs
  • Increase manufacturing flexibility for order fulfillment
  • Optimizing manufacturing costs to respond faster to last minute changes