My Product Portfolio

My Product Portfolio is an industry solution experience dedicated to the creation of innovative hard goods

Collaboration and Community

Collaboration and Community

Access to secure collaborative spaces and facilitate social listening and ideation

Unique and Innovative User Experience in « One Single up-to-date source of truth”

With My Product Portfolio for mid-market, companies have access to a unique and innovative user experience available across the whole 3DEXPERIENCE platform. All cross-application services are available to create multi-discipline content to save content and collaborate.

Manage and Share Content for Effective Collaboration

Users can share any content in a very simplified way using the 3DSpace app. It enables them to create and manage collaborative spaces, add members with different permission levels, and provide direct access to any stored content. Access to collaborative spaces is secure, as each user is granted as a member of a collaborative space with a given role for a given organization.

Drive Effective Enterprise Social Collaboration

Organizations can create social communities to collaborate in an unstructured environment using the 3DSwym app. It enables the creation of online environments where employees, suppliers, and consumers can interact and become active participants to foster new, innovative ideas. It enhances interactions throughout internal and external ecosystems, making organizations more agile, more innovative and more human through a community-centric approach.

Key capabilities & benefits:

  • The unified user experience, tailored to specific roles and industry needs, makes learning 3DEXPERIENCE fast and easy
  • Dashboards aggregate multiple data sources (internal, web, etc.) for improved and accurate decision making
  • Fully integrated social collaboration enables and empowers innovation and increased productivity
  • Users can take advantage of different services to visualize 2D or 3D content