My Operations

Intelligent Planning from Demand to Fulfillment

Retailers across all product categories are pressured to generate growth even in the midst of continued economic slowdown and reduced consumer spending. Market volatility and fluctuating demand require planning foresight and flexibility to bring the right products to the right market at the right time. No brand wants a potential consumer to walk out of their store because the skirt or pants that go with the jacket they picked out has not yet been delivered. Mishaps like these adversely affect a brand’s image and ultimately its business. 

In such a demanding market, companies need intelligent planning! What forecasts to use? What demand signals to prioritize? How to position materials and production in the supply chain for better response? How to streamline workflow between different production sites to manufacture and ship products at the lowest possible cost? How to fulfill orders in an omni-channel environment where consumers have multiple delivery choices? With efficient and intelligent planning through the entire value chain, brands and retailers can reduce their cost of goods sold while improving consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

My Operations Industry Solution Experience delivers intelligent planning solutions for end-to-end operations optimization, from demand to delivery. Tailored to the Consumer Goods and Retail industry, My Operations provides a powerful planning environment and real-time access to information for the entire value chain.

Dassault Systèmes’ planning solutions are fully integrated, enabling companies to achieve the kind of enterprise-wide transformation not possible with a diverse and incompatible array of planning solutions. With My Operations, Consumer Goods and Retail companies can solve complex and fluctuating operational challenges by streamlining and simplifying their supply chain. From demand planning to delivery, they fulfill consumers’ “want it now” expectations while mitigating delays and unwelcome costs.

Discover the values of My Operations Industry Solution Experience

  • Understand, predict and plan market demand to improve consumer satisfaction with accurate demand forecasting.
  • Factor in special events for accurate demand planning to improve revenue and margin.
  • Adapt to shifting consumer demand through agile production planning and KPIs.
  • Fast and flexible recalibration of schedules to meet changing demand or production bottlenecks.
  • Mitigate lost business opportunities through close supply chain tracking.
  • Improve customer service and boost margin through efficient inbound logistics planning and same-day product delivery management