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3D creativity and engineering innovation in one integrated platform

My Creative Design

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Explore more ideas in 2D and 3D with dedicated conceptual design tools

Today’s consumer wants excitement and 2D is no longer enough to capture and express the creative intent. Creative, technical and industrial designers need powerful 3D design tools to support rapid innovation. My Creative Design delivers 2D and 3D design features like Natural Sketch to rapidly sketch ideas and the 3D clay modelling capabilities of Imagine and Shape that render free-form design as natural as if done by hand, but with the added precision of computer aided technology. Understanding consumer preferences helps brands deliver the products they want. 3D is the most universal language that any consumer can relate to, enabling them to provide brands with valuable insights into what they like.  Since the entire creative design process takes place on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, anyone in the team can visualize and work on the latest models, enhancing and adjusting designs in real time in a transparent and collaborative way.

Key capabilities & benefits:

  • Easy, ultra-fast and intuitive integrated 2D sketch and 3D modeling for more creativity
  • Adobe Illustrator connectivity allowing creative and technical designers to use their preferred solutions 
  • Streamline design and engineering collaboration with digital continuity
  • Specialized features for the design of plastic, metal and composite components
  • Explore more design options, materials, colors, check impact, and make better decisions
  • Social media tools to monitor market trends and competitive landscape