My Visual Assortment

Visualize, validate, and deploy optimum assortments based on 3D rather than flat 2D images or text.

Use 3D to visualize the optimal line assortment to maximize appeal and profit.

How will my product assortment look when it comes together?  Do I have the right mix of styles, colors, proportions, choices?  My Visual Assortment Planning enables you to optimize the product mix without the need to wait for physical samples.  Visualize collections, capsules, outfits through the eyes of your buyers and consumers, and make better assortment decisions before committing the line.  

Explore a Virtual Retail Experience using your phone and a Cardboard VR viewer.If you don't have a viewer, please contact Sales and we’ll be happy to share. 

Key Capabilities & Benefits:

  • Visualize and validate proven winners combined with new style ideas and line extensions
  • Review the assortment earlier while changes are easier to make
  • Create the collection that will sell.