Elevating Everyday Life with a Consumer-Driven Product Pipeline

Digital transformation meets the modern home

Today’s home is transformed with an amazing variety of diverse products. Companies must balance complex supply chains, differing retail environments, and unique design challenges. The modern, connected consumer is also much informed when it comes to their purchasing decisions and are able to buy from nearly any channel. They are looking to connect their home with the rest of their lives in order to create their own signature experience. Luckily, leading edge digital technologies are transforming the industry making it much easier to bring these diverse products to market with a better understanding of quickly changing demands signals. These technologies are far more flexible and collaborative than ever before and can easily make the connection from consumer to concept to consumer experience.   

Whether it’s creating, simulating and prototyping new products, managing a complex supply chain, or connecting with the consumer, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform from Dassault Systèmes allows companies in the appliances, power & hand tools, glassware & tableware, and lawn & garden industry to create home consumer experiences that spark the imagination and delight the senses.