A Footwear Collection 100% digitally conceived

by Julien Fournié

What happens when creativity meets high technology?

Julien Fournié, Paris-based couturier, and the FashionLab, Dassault Systèmes’ Technology incubator dedicated to fashion, have launched a 100% digitally conceived footwear collection. The capsule collection was born at the crossroad of the designer’s creativity and the innovative future 3D tools provided by the FashionLab at Dassault Systèmes. 

The Outcome

Together, the FashionLab by Dassault Systèmes, with the contribution of RomansCAD software solution from Strategies S.A., and Julien Fournié have unveiled a Footwear collection in two main steps. They first launched a pop-up store to reveal the collection with 3D digital Experiences.

Then, they revealed the entire capsule Footwear collection on the catwalk during the Fashion Week in Paris.

Product Customization

Today, fashion brands and retailers are looking for new ways to engage with their consumers to learn more about their preferences and desires. Consumers want to express their unique tastes, identity and want to personalize their products.

With a product configurator, consumers can imagine and personalize their products, modify the colors, change the fabric. This experience is unlimited and can be online, in-store or on mobile devices.

Photo Realistic Rendering

Development and production lead times in the Consumer Goods & Retail industry are getting shorter and shorter. Fashion brands and retailers are under pressure to deliver collections on time.

With Photo Realistic Rendering, the design-to-shelf time is considerably reduced. 3D data is used from early in the design and development stages and further through the creation of marketing content.

Space Optimization

A digital wall is the perfect representation of a futuristic showroom. We can display an entire collection, including all the color variants, thanks to 3D and digital content. Consumers can discover an entire with the touch of a finger or a movement of hand.

This experience demonstrates how 3D content can become the virtual and unlimited extension of the physical assortment.

Immersive Virtuality

With a virtual reality or an augmented reality experience, consumers can visualize all the details of a product that are not visible on the real product.

Fashion brands and retailers use A+R or V+R technologies to create experiences that connect with their consumers at the emotional level and create lasting memories.