Supplier and Sourcing Management

Covering the entire spectrum of managing a consumer goods product sourcing ecosystem

Supplier Quality and Sourcing Management

Across all consumer goods industries, the percentage of value created in supply chain continues to increase.  Globalization calls for a product development platform that can handle the complexity of a globally dispersed ecosystem.  With direct materials and engineered goods representing more than 50% of an organization’s spending, engaging value-chain members early in the process will bring large benefits. 

Dassault Systèmes (DS)' Supplier Quality and Sourcing Management solution is designed to cover the entire spectrum of managing a consumer goods product sourcing ecosystem.  With our solution, product developers and quality managers can give their suppliers real-time access to relevant product information, making them an integral part of the early design collaboration, quality management and supplier execution processes.  The suppliers are assigned responsibilities related to specific product components and materials, allowing multiple suppliers to work together on the same product with differing visibility and access.  Product quality plans can be assigned at the same time, ensuring the suppliers follow standardized improvement and planning methodologies and best practices. 

Supplier Quality and Sourcing Management

Supplier performance is tracked through supplier scorecards comprised of report metrics on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from plants, certifications and supplier capabilities.  As a result, development plans can be devised together with the suppliers to maximize the value of strategic relationships.  This enables the ability to perform continuous improvement to processes and hand-offs between OEMs, suppliers, distributors and other key supply chain stakeholders.  

Organizations can reduce operational costs and improve profit margins by leveraging bill of material, specifications and other related data to build standard request-for quotes (RFQs) and quote responses for complex products and as well as off-the-shelf components.  We help companies streamline sourcing and product cycles through improved supplier communication, resulting in reduced supplier bid response time and improved bid accuracy.  Suppliers can submit ECRs (Engineering Change Requests) and collaborate with different functional groups early and throughout the product lifecycle allowing companies to reduce development costs and accelerate time-to-market.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

  • Vendor / supplier development
  • Vendor profiling / scorecards
  • Vendor quality and compliance
  • Vendor metrics
  • Agents and sourcing offices
  • Supplier collaboration
  • Strategic sourcing
  • RFx management
  • Global costing

With the help of IBM/DS, we have been able to reduce product design timetables, lower design and product costs and improve our supply chain relationships.

Matteo Fiaccadori PLM Manager, Emak S.p.A