Product Development Management

Helping companies handle product development and the coordination tasks associated with it.

In consumer goods industry, lack of coordination between disciplines during product development process may result in design inconsistencies, delays and poor quality. Early and effective collaboration between designers and engineers is critical to ensure a smooth integration of all product content.  Coordinating product development across geographically dispersed teams is a daunting task as pressure increases to meet more complex design requirements. Ongoing engineering changes – especially in cases where multiple configurations are involved – make it difficult to keep bills of materials (BOMs) and other product data accurate and synchronized across the supply chain.


Dassault Systèmes (DS)' Product Development Management solution is designed to help companies handle product development and the coordination tasks associated with it. These tasks begin with early project specifications and extend through to initial production planning. DS PLM provides a single repository for all data, from product specification to manufacturing requirements, in order that data can be securely accessed in real-time by all stakeholders.  Product data – design, mechanical, and electrical – that often times have different lifecycles are captured within a unified product definition and digital mockup so that engineers can employ a holistic approach to product design from the start of the project.


DS PLM configuration management capability, advanced through intense research and development activities in various complex manufacturing industries, enables consumer goods companies to easily manage alternate designs or reuse design across products.  Coupled with workflow and shared catalogs, changes can be rapidly communicated to related stakeholders.  In contrast to traditional PDM systems, in-work product structures, digital mockups and Engineering BOMs can be made available to production planner before design release, providing valuable early insights to on-going product development and giving manufacturing planning a head start.


The product design process needs to bring in teams from multiple organizations, and there is usually a need to accommodate multiple design applications. When combined with Consumer Goods Concept and Creative Design solution, which supports Multi-CAD, your extended team can freely review and exchange data while tracking changes and configurations across multiple CAD systems. These functions are available to a broad range of CAD and Artwork systems including CATIA, Solidworks, PTC, UGS, Autodesk and Adobe Illustrator.


Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Engineering and manufacturing Bill of Materials (BOM) Management
  • Product / material sample approvals
  • BOM change history / view and mark-up
  • Material color approvals
  • Image / artwork licensing
  • Seasonal library release
  • Grade rule and fit block approvals

The ENOVIA solution is a tool that allows your creativity to determine what you are going to do with it. We haven’t found a situation yet that we haven’t been able to apply the [ENOVIA]technology to solve.

Kevin Clayton Manager Product Development Systems, Trek Bike