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APPAREL is the business/technology resource for executives working at apparel manufacturers and retailers. It is a key influencer in the field of apparel and technologies.

Apparel Magazine highlights the latest news from the industry. They regularly publish reports on dedicated topics for the future of the industry. They organize events and they have a buyer’s guide for fashion brands & retail to find their right technology partners.

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PLM for Apparel 2017

An Apparel special report: PLM for Apparel 2017

A recent Gartner survey asked fashion brands which top features PLM software vendors should add to their solutions. Calendar, workflow and critical path management came in second while virtual prototyping and 3D visualization in product design and development took the top slot.

Fashion companies are increasingly adopting PLM technologies, which include dashboards, analytics, production automation and business intelligence to improve their business performance. When digging deeper to discover the most sought-after benefits, process standardization, less time spent in development, higher quality and shorter lead time to market have emerged as part of their wish list.

Discover these and many more results in this Gartner apparel report and see why PLM applications are key to meeting the requirements of your entire product lifecycle.

The Digital Store 2017

Consumer buying habits have evolved and the emergence of mobile technologies have generated new expectations that show no signs of slowing down. The digital revolution has changed the fashion landscape creating many more opportunities for consumers to find and buy the products they love.

Digital technologies have emerged as an additional path in the overall shopping experience. Physical stores that embrace the digital world can turn it to their advantage in many ways.

Read Apparel Mag’s new report and discover how brick-and-mortar stores are cashing in on this omni-channel experience to win consumer loyalty.

The Digital Store 2017
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2016 Guide to Software & IT Solutions

This special issue is a guide to suppliers of software and related IT solutions to the apparel marketplace, including vendor contact information, operating system requirements and a round-up of functions and services.

Dassault Systèmes is part of it!

Get the full report on Apparel Mag’s website, and learn more about Dassault Systèmes’ positioning among others IT & Software companies in the Fashion industry.

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A Webinar: “Why Don't My Stores Look the Way They Are Supposed To?!”

How to ensure the stores will have the right “look”, the right assortments, floorsets and merchandising themes? How to get rid of costly, time consuming processes and achieve more flexibility and competitiveness? How to make store merchandising instructions visual and automatically generated? How to create floorsets that fit your stores?

Watch this recorded Webinar, moderated by Susan Nichols, Publisher, Apparel Magazine, to see how our solutions tackle those challenges.

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Apparel Mag Webinar
Digital Transformation

A Whitepaper on Digital Transformation - From Concept to Shelf

As part of our collaboration with Apparel, we have written a whitepaper on “Digital Transformation: From Concept to Shelf”.

In this whitepaper, we address 3D visual merchandising and digital product creation methods to better plan, design, visualize and even analyze product lines. We explain why these methods result in better assortments of product, in less time, with better productivity than has previously been possible.

Readers will understand why these tools are an essential competitive advantage in today’s digitally-enabled world.  

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