With its layering functionality and the ability to specify units as Architectural, DraftSight is a great way to provide professional-grade construction drawings and is a valuable tool for any AEC professional.

With more than 60 pages, this free guide will help AEC professionals learn how to:

  • Activate DraftSight, open a DWG file, and use that file to explain DraftSight’s basic operations like zoom in and zoom out, among others. 
  • Draw lines and circles using DraftSight. There are various ways of drawing lines, but for the practical purpose, you will learn two methods, one using the coordinates and the other using the “Entity snap”.  
  • Use a special DraftSight feature entitled “Image Layer Functionality”.  
  • Operate commands like Copy, Trim, and Extend that are frequently used to edit drawings. You will also enter texts and dimensions.  
  • Reference other drawings within a drawing.  
  • Print a drawing using DraftSight.