3D Customer Intelligence

Three Dimensional Insight

What if you could increase customer loyalty and reduce churn?

Dassault Systèmes 3D Customer Intelligence Industry Solution Experience for insurance managers, empowers organizations to effectively address today's challenges. By aggregating and unifying customer data across internal, external, structured and unstructured data, it provides an intelligent, holistic view of the customer. This allows you to make smarter decisions, meet personalized customer demand and seamlessly collaborate with contextual information sharing across internal silos. 

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Gain a 360° of your customer to increase customer retention

3D Customer Intelligence aggregates and unifies customer data to give you an intelligent, holistic view, enable you to make smarter decisions and meet personalized customer needs.

Benefits include:

  • Unified information, less noise
  • Smart, seamless real-time collaboration
  • Personalized insights
  • Holistic customer understanding


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Leverage structured and unstructured data to improve customer loyalty

Regaining customer trust is a strategic imperative. The insurance industry needs to leverage disruptive technologies to improve customer insight, leveraging both structured and unstructured data to derive a holistic 360° view of its customers.

This way, the industry is better placed to understand how the customer voice is impacting sales. It can take advantage of stronger intelligence to improve the customer experience and rebuild trust in order to reduce churn rates.


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Perspective for 3D Customer Intelligence
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Can unified and aggregated customer data drive your customer retention?

By aggregating and distilling internal, external, structured and unstructured data you can gain a 360° view of your customer insights to drive customer retention, improve the customer experience and strengthen your overall productivity. 


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