Optimized Construction

Eliminate Waste and Increase Profits

Optimized Work Instruction

Enhanced Onsite Worker Safety and Efficiency

Construction managers need to instruct workers how to assemble, install and maintain building components on a construction job site.  They need to communicate how several trades, which may not know the local language or have previously worked together, will install a complex assembly in a building. 

Optimized Work Instruction of the Optimized Construction Industry Solution Experience is about enhancing worker safety, eliminating misunderstandings and avoiding errors.  This enables a project team to instruct individual workers who may not know the local language, who may not be familiar with the project, and who may not be skilled or experienced at the task at hand.  This helps the worker to understand the scope, scale, process and interactions of the project.  Finally, this creates clear work instructions to accomplish the task at hand thereby protecting the workers on every project, reducing risk, eliminating accidents, and decreasing the cost of doing business.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Easily communicate work sequencing, project mark-ups and other information to all project participants.
  • Provide delivery of these components through a variety of media and devices — and with no need for additional training.