Optimized Construction

Eliminate Waste and Increase Profits

Optimized Planning

Analysis and Verification of Dynamic Construction Sequences

The Optimized Planning Industry Process Experience powered by the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform helps construction project managers and virtual design construction managers dramatically reduce the risks and costs associated with the most critical components of complex projects by offering an unmatched planning solution.

When every moment wasted on a project  site can lead to major increased costs — and potentially cost future clients even more — it is critical to ensure that you are putting every moment on the job to good use. By simulating critical project activities before arriving onsite.

Key Highlights and Benefits

Minimize costs by accurately predicting workforce requirements and onsite time needed for using costly material handling equipment, especially in congested area:

  • Dramatically reduce rework and delays through rapid recalculations using real-time data in the event of unforeseen activities
  • Improve worker health and safety by identifying risks early in the design and planning process
  • Optimize efficiency of the construction project by evaluating the best resource allocation, logistics, construction sequence, and other factors
  • Simplify communication by planning, visualizing, and working from data contained within one aggregated model