Design for Fabrication

Build efficiency into every infrastructure project through innovative collaboration

Facade Design for Fabrication

Connect your facade design from concept through fabrication

Construction projects see waste at levels of more than 25 percent, much of it related to the building facade. Waste comes from redundant design, unused stored materials, idle workers, installation rework, and other factors. Most BIM technologies today disconnect the production of permit drawings from the fabrication and installation processes. This can lead to errors and requests for information. Because this software has limited capability to produce 3D design geometry direct for fabrication, facade designers are limited in achievable complexity for unique facades. When projects call for numerous unique types and shapes of facade panels, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage delivery sequence and installation processes. 

The Facade Design for Fabrication Industry Process Experience, built on the cloud-based, collaborative 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, efficiently and consistently covers project requirements end-to-end: from planning and design to fabrication and execution with Integrated BIM environments. Design and simulate any building envelope from the conceptual level down to the profiles and fasteners. Design and document: metal panel, glazed, double curvature, pneumatic, tensile, and other cladding in the installed and unfolded patterned states. Use integrative, parametric, associative and computational modeling methods to increase productivity and optimize project value through iterative design.

Facade Design for Fabrication enables a highly collaborative approach. Deliver high performance, efficiency and value, while reducing waste and environmental impact, by tapping into the right combination of talent, technique, and technology.

Key capabilities & benefits

  • The Capability to Design Anything. Benefit from Comprehensive modeling capabilities and the cloud’s performance possibilities.
  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly. Reduce waste and rework—and achieve total project control—by extending models beyond design into manufacturing and assembly.
  • Seamlessly Blend Data across Design Phases. Easily shift from “same page” authoring tools to huge amounts of data, better boosting coordination from all team members.
  • The Power of 3DEXPERIENCE. A multi-BIM approach to project development using a truly collaborative, data-centric environment. Enable simultaneous, real-time access to project data and design models across multi-disciplinary stakeholders. Integrate multiple CAD and BIM formats and data sources with the Dassault Systèmes AEC Data Model.