Design for Fabrication

Build efficiency into every infrastructure project through innovative collaboration

Building Design for Fabrication

Connect your building design from concept through fabrication

Typical BIM solutions are fragmented. When conceptual design plans are turned over for detailed design work, there is no continuity. Early designers lose out on the insight of product experts, leading to later rework.  Without integrative knowledge of product details, predicting project costs and schedules are, at best, guessing games for conceptual designers. Delivering projects on time and on budget is a challenge for designers whose plans may pose unexpected complexities for end-product fabricators. Conceptual designers may struggle to ensure design intent is communicated clearly to the fabricators who interpret their plans.

The Building Design for Fabrication Industry Process Experience, built on the cloud-based, collaborative 3DEXPERIENCE® platform efficiently and consistently covers project requirements end-to-end: from planning and design to fabrication and execution within Integrated BIM Environments. Design and simulate any building, structure, building element or object. Mock up all projects from office furniture to industrial sheds, high rise buildings, and custom architectures. Use integrative, parametric, associative and computational, modeling methods to increase productivity and optimize project value through iterative design. 

Building Design for Fabrication promotes a highly collaborative approach linking the appropriate technologies. Talent, technique, and technology come together within one solution to deliver high performance, value, and efficiency while reducing waste and embodied energy.

Key capabilities & benefits

  • Better Buildings to Delight Customers. Save time, limit dead ends, validate requirements in real time, and exceed customer expectations.
  • Achieve Total Project and Construction Control. Reduce waste and rework when a single model moves from design through manufacturing and even assembly.
  • Single Version of the Truth. “Same page” authoring tools scale to huge amounts of data, enabling coordination across all stakeholders.
  • The Power of 3DEXPERIENCE. Take a multi-BIM pathway to project development to harness the true benefits of a data-centric environment. Boost collaboration from multi-disciplinary stakeholders through simultaneous access to real-time project data and design models. In the Dassault Systèmes AEC Data Model, work with multiple CAD and BIM formats and various data sources.