Traditional models of urbanism are challenged today by the growing and increasingly diversified population in cities. To better plan for the future, we need to rethink how we imagine, plan, design, analyze, simulate, build and manage cities.

An Integrated, Collaborative Design Experience for City Councils, Urban Planners, Regulatory Agencies, Architects, Engineers, General Contractors and Suppliers

Fortunately, like all other dynamic, complex systems, cities can benefit greatly from 3D collaborative technology to model, simulate, visualize and experience complete cities in a virtual environment. 

The Dassault Systèmes answer to the growing challenges cities face is 3DEXPERIENCity®, a 3D collaborative environment that puts people—citizens, officials and business people—at the heart of urban renaissance.

As cities face the demands of rapid urbanization, they need to plan carefully to provide for growth which is smart and sustainable, and takes a holistic approach to the design and management of the urban environment. 

The exponential complexity of the contemporary city exceeds the capacity of traditional modeling and visualization methods and requires more sophisticated technologies that can enable professionals to collaborate across disciplinary boundaries and diverse data sets. 

A data-driven virtual universe created from a base of existing city morphology, updated in real-time to reflect and incorporate the constantly evolving urban environment, can provide a solid foundation for coherent urban planning and management, and provide a better means for visualizing and testing the repercussions of future planning choices.

3DEXPERIENCity® helps cities plan for growth by providing a holistic tool for effective design and management of the city realm, and enables:


  • A holistic approach to ensure regulatory compliance, maximum sustainability and resilience
  • A collaborative environment and single data referential for a coherent approach to planning for business and design
  • Analytic and simulation environments to study if/then scenarios
  • A model that persists beyond design and construction phases, supporting data-driven operational decisions throughout the evolution of the city.
  • A communication tool to inform businesses and residents about city planning and engage all stakeholders in the future development of the city