Facility Management & Maintenance

From network cabling to lighting to plumbing, facilities management professionals are called upon to solve problems large and small. Response time is critical and can even determine whether a building, and the business or residence it contains, is able to stay open with people on the premises. Facilities managers, who are often backed by small teams and expected to provide a high level of service while reducing costs, need a solution that speeds up issues management. 

With EXALEAD™ OnePart facilities managers have all the information they need at their fingertips. Through an intuitive interface, users can search through legacy systems (whether CAD, ERP, or others) to find existing parts, designs, and related documents located anywhere in the organization. Since existing parts have already been tested and proven, they can be reused with confidence, helping to ensure the comfort and safety of those who use the building.

Watch as a facilities manager uses EXALEAD OnePart to find an air conditioning part in under two minutes, and sends the information required to replace a broken desk leg to the maintenance engineer:

EXALEAD OnePart helps facilities managers:

  • Save time and increase productivity
  • Reduce errors and improve quality
  • Lower costs

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