Unlike manufactured products, buildings are attached to the ground and are unique to their location. No two sites are exactly the same and therefore no two buildings are exactly the same. Climates, environmental factors, codes, building materials, and other conditions are all local and unique. Subcontractors, who are the primary players in building construction, work regionally because it is too expensive to ship large or heavy materials long distances.

Dassault Systèmes (3DS) has extensive experience in building product fabrication, which is a critical component of the overall building fabrication process. 3DS provides a spectrum of design tools for conceptual design, detail design and construction processes. Our solution also helps facilitate the prefabrication of product subassemblies by the suppliers, a practice that has been widely adopted by customers in various manufacturing industries. The virtual construction and fabrication capabilities enables companies to implement "design for efficient construction' approach which optimizes the design and construction processes concurrently in ways that best utilize available resources. Early and throughout the design process, construction planning can be virtually defined and simulated to reduce the occurrance of construction-delaying problems when the systems and equipments are ready to be placed.

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