Construction Detailing & Review

After the engineering process has been completed, Building Information Model can be linked to construction schedule, human resources planning, and assembly processes. 3D models from different sources are also analyzed to allow spatial conflicts to be automatically detected and reported.

Project modeling and construction simulation can also be used for simulating and demonstrating proper working methods to on-site staff and the resulting geometry can be reused for day to day construction tasks. Simulations that can be performed includes dynamic construction process change simulation, human and resource (e.g. crane) modeling as well as construction process modeling. 3D project model also removes the ambiguity and potential diasagreement about project quantities. Quantities can be derived directly from the master model and linked directly to published or internal cost data. This information can be used for project cost planning and provided as the basis for subcontract bidding. This solution also process review functionality and creation of 3D work instruction documentations.

Solution capabilities include:

  • Construction scheduling
  • Construction process changes
  • Clash detection
  • Human modeling and safety simulations
  • Resource simulations

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