Winning Program

Configure the Right Concept, Know How to Deliver It

Reason to Believe

Experience the Proposal

Reason to Believe is a solution used to share and collaborate on the results of the Configuration Definition and Trade Studies of complex Aerospace and Defense systems (UAV’s, aircraft, satellite, ground vehicles, etc), leveraging their structural and behavioral models, in the context of the mission environment. Through integrated creative experiences, Reason to Believe brings a clear understanding of system behavior and performance measured against mission objectives.

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Focus on key metrics and save time by accessing concept studies, drilling down and even updating the presented information
  • Overcome the complexity of the written work and static images in proposal development
  • Explore concept proposals to minimize disconnects between customer requirements and concept proposal, capture and understand customer feedback
  • Communicate in 3D the value to clients and stakeholders, increasing customer confidence in final proposal to win the business