Winning Program

Configure the Right Concept, Know How to Deliver It.

Given that 70% of cost decisions made during a program's concept and preliminary design phase impact 80% of total lifecycle cost (Roland Berger 2011), companies that make the right choices in this early phase will have the most success. Whether it is a proposal from a supplier / integrator selected for development or an internal business offering requiring board approval to proceed, companies that focus on this pre-launch, configuration phase have tremendous ability to positively impact on a program.

Winning Program along with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows knowledge capture of end to end proposal process to ensure repeatability and reusability, reducing the time spent on tactical proposal and program management. Now Aerospace & Defense companies can spend more time on product innovation while maintaining full requirements and decision traceability.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Win more business in competitive markets
  • Improve program definition and delivery to improve capability vs. cost trade-offs
  • Simplify the management of program and system complexity
  • Communicate the complexity and nature of the concept
  • Transform requirements into alternative solutions
  • Explore best alternative design