Achieve Program Integrity

Accelerate Top-Line Revenue without Reducing Quality

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Does your company use the right instruments to stay on target in a rapidly changing landscape and shifting requirements? Aerospace and Defense suppliers can no longer afford the traditional approach of viewing program management as a distinct, standalone function that oversees—but is not necessarily a part of—the rest of the business.

Today, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) demand suppliers to stay in sync with the broader program to deliver on time, and on specification.  Increased complexity of programs, combined with smaller budgets and shorter timelines reduce the margin for error.

Program managers for suppliers need to integrate strict program management principles into every phase of their operations to maintain quality by:

  • Consolidating all program data in one central data repository to use institutional knowledge and improve design analysis and decision support
  • Reusing and sharing data between organizations to avoid duplicate effort and misunderstandings
  • Automating real-time reporting of key data to assess program performance and anticipate risks and opportunities
  • Controlling programs with real-time, up-to-date, detailed and verifiable information while preserving program and partner IP

Download the whitepaper, “ACHIEVE PROGRAM EXCELLENCE: Consolidate. Reuse. Automate. Control, and learn how you can use Program Management to execute on your proposed plans while meeting cost and schedule targets while ensuring quality.