How can you improve business execution?

Leverage a Model Based Enterprise

Five benefits of a Model Based Enterprise

Many aerospace companies already have some of the building blocks to transition to a Model Based Enterprise (MBE), but achieving one requires a strategy. What considerations should factor into an Model Based Enterprise approach? How do you determine the next phases of your MBE strategy and plan?

A holistic MBE strategy can deliver strong improvements when it encompasses people, methods, processes and tools. Learn why unifying processes, methods, organizational infrastructure and information models is necessary to achieve the desired business results. 

Evidence shows that the use of models to improve both methods and infrastructure improves business execution and shortens delivery times. 

Top five benefits an MBE approach:

  1. Minimizes risk (e.g., cost, quality and time) with the integration of PLM and Program Management
  2. Reduces development time to meet delivery dates
  3. Controls costs with proactive program performance monitoring
  4. Delivers actionable real-time information across the entire enterprise and supply chain
  5. Simplifies managing business complexity

Download the whitepaper: "A Holistic Approach for Realizing Model Based Enterprises" to learn the building blocks for implementing a Model Based Enterprise and how to plan an MBE leveraging existing initiatives.