How do you improve business execution and program performance?

Implement a Model Based Enterprise

The Advantages of a Model Based Enterprise

This webinar: “A Holistic View on Realizing Model Based Enterprises,” provides Aerospace & Defense companies the opportunity to better manage industry complexities by improving program execution, performance and integrity.

Dr. Simon Briceno, Professor,  Aerospace Systems Design Lab, Georgia Institute of Technology and Brian Christensen, Solution Experience Senior Director, explore the building blocks of a Model Based Enterprise.

The webinar highlights why companies are shifting from simply modeling products to creating a Model Based Enterprise (MBE) and how to build on existing Product Lifecycle Management investments by implementing an MBE approach.

Watch "A Holistic Approach for Realizing Model Based Enterprises," to learn how to:

  • Identify effective design processes to drive down program costs and development time
  • Make better use of information for more accurate costing to enhance the delivery of contract proposals for a competitive advantage
  • Employ robust manufacturing strategies for precise decision making and preventing risk

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