Ready for Rate

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Ready to Supply

Ready to Supply

When designing and manufacturing airplanes, it is important to ensure the manufacturers can get the supplies they need at a timely and predictive rate. To do so requires real-time information and close collaboration between the shop floor and suppliers to anticipate potential shortages and bottlenecks as they occur. Ready to Supply, part of the Ready for Rate 3DEXPERIENCE, enables manufacturers to leverage real-time analytics and 3D modelling technology to better coordinate design and manage the supply chain to ensure products and services arrive on time.  Manufacturers can accelerate their “inbound” and “outbound” supply chain strategy, visualize the impact of design changes immediately, and optimize master schedules in plant and shop floor settings.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  •     Optimize inventory to support lean production in balance with reduced inventory costs and product change flexibility
  •     Define condition of supply specifications with all required engineering, planning, and production data including 3D models and illustrations
  •     Plan and optimize plant and shop floor schedules to enable lean rate production and reduce production flow bottlenecks and shortages
  •     Act on real time data and collaborate with the supply chain via a secured collaborative platform to accelerate supply chain management