Analysts estimate that over 30% of errors and waste occur during production. It’s no wonder that aerospace and defense original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other large system manufacturers work hard to manage ever increasing system complexity while meeting aggressive production delivery targets. Addressing the supply chain and production planning, the Ready for Rate Industry Solution Experience provides manufacturers with the ability to accelerate the time it takes to reach full production rate. With Ready for Rate, rate and higher quality are achieved more quickly because design engineers and manufacturing planners collaborative early to prove design can be fabricated and production can be executed at expected rate. 

Future Factory, Today

Imagine a manufacturer with end-to-end digital systems, where digital modeling is tightly integrated with manufacturing planning and execution systems. The Future Factory of today provides digital continuity from planning to the shop floor.

In a traditional silo-ed manufacturing environment, making a last minute decision about a component—and coordinating the resulting material flows and processes—would almost always be disruptive. A digital environment offers agility to manufacturing planners. For example, if there is a delay in a design decision for a component, the component can be described by its characteristics during the digital model and planning and execution development can proceed as if the design phase was finished.

Digital continuity in the production process begins with a simple and powerful reporting system. Planners require a real-time view of global production systems, with key performance indicators (KPIs) that measure plant, line, and cell performance.

Integrated schedule increases flexibility

Schedule, work, and resources are tracked and managed pro-actively. This is digital continuity for the production process. The different aspects of production can be simulated which minimizes risk and increases flexibility to respond to actual rate demand – not a forecasted demand.

Discover the manufacturing value of Ready for Rate

  • Improve first time quality through virtual assembly and manufacturing planning visibility and control in real time.       
  • Accelerate data and content quality through optimized planning teams
  • Analyze and optimize manufacturing operations strategy to meet increasing production rates while staying on budget and on time
  • Plan, simulate, and continuously optimize global supply chain network

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides us with a unique platform with data references for design, delivery, and maintenance. This digital continuity ties all our sites together so that everyone is working with all the same and most up-to-date product information with real-time accessibility.

Pascal Tavernier MEDS Product Manager, Messier-Bugatti- Dowty