Prepare for Passenger Boarding

Streamline crew training and cabin familiarization

Boost cabin crew and staff competencies faster and more cost-effectively with Prepare for Passenger Boarding, part of the Passenger Experience industry solution. Aircraft cabins require extensive education and user training. Such programs usually consist of paper-based coursework and instruction on a physical mockup or even the actual aircraft itself, thus disrupting its commercial use. This can prove to be a highly expensive and logistically complex process.

Market leading airlines are turning to virtual technologies where learning takes advantage of three different platforms:

  • web-based courseware,
  • interactive game-based training, and
  • immersive 3D visualization.

Companies can select from different channels and modules or implement the complete training system, giving them full control over skill level and scenarios. This solution allows students to learn at their own pace, in a safe environment, and adopt a learning style that best suits them.

Additionally, eliminating the need for a physical product in all except the last stages of training dramatically reduces the overall cost of training. Students enter this final stage with a solid foundation of product and process knowledge acquired in previous training modules. With this approach, learning is faster and training capacity can be increased. At the same time, the number of physical training modules or situational environments can be reduced.


Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Accelerate the training process with a solution that is hazard-free, quick to deploy and easily updated for different product configurations
  • Perform training regardless of trainer availability, material complexity and other variable factors
  • Boost staff competence and performance by covering more scenarios on a learning-by-doing basis versus traditional training
  • Increase profitability by avoiding system downtime