Plan for Passenger Journey

Promote outstanding in-flight experience

Create extraordinary marketing materials for all passenger touch points, from online booking to advertising, airport services and in-flight experience, with Plan for Passenger Journey, part of the Passenger Experience solution. Cabin promotion is an area of exponential growth across the aerospace industry, as how we fly is fast becoming a lifestyle choice.

With 3D data, global marketing teams are now only a mouse click away from stunning images and videos of cabin interiors and exteriors. Since the 3D data is efficiently repurposed from as early as the aircraft development stages, such high-end visual assets can also be created long before the cabin is built. This makes Plan for Passenger Journey perfect not only for promoting an existing fleet, but also for show-stopping, high profile launches of new cabin designs.

Digital technology eliminates the need for real photo shoots and costly film sets. Even better: using digital image content can be quickly adapted for a wide range of marketing purposes and the ever-increasing number of digital channels and devices, including personalized brochures and advertisements.

In increasingly fragmented global markets, this helps make asset localization a breeze and drives down costs. Use interactive marketing content to feed groundbreaking applications, such as 3D airline booking systems and airline class and frequent flyer and travel benefits (e.g. Lounge). Such compelling, memorable, personalized experiences will keep your customers engaged, leading to tangible and measurable sales success.

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Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Accelerate go-to-market campaigns and early digital product launches even before product is built
  • Enjoy a streamlined, cost-efficient, full-service approach - from creative support, film and image production planning, casting, location scouting, production, as well as post production & asset delivery
  • Full scope of productions available: management or design presentations, viral movies, technical and training movies, product launch videos, TV or cinema commercials and stereoscopic movies
  • Easily adapt to home, online, mobile, and public space channels, covering countless variations and customizations for markets worldwide