Configure Passenger Environment

Enjoy flexible cabin configuration

Accelerate sales process and the design process with high-end 3D visualization using Configure Passenger Environment, part of the Passenger Experience industry solution.

Realistic 3D visualization solution allows designers, engineers, cabin crew, as well as potential passengers to define cabin layouts and configure variants, well before the first physical prototype becomes available. Configure Passenger Environment enables a detailed exploration of the cabin, including the evaluation of cabin features from any angle, under any lighting condition and in alternate environments to assess and validate shape, function, reflection, materials, color, trim, and comfort

Customer attention can be visually guided and focused on important unique selling points, while controlling the number of configurations by presenting them as packages. Materials can be defined and matched in real-time and in highest visual quality, resulting in instant customer feedback. Decision makers can be involved from anywhere and given remote access. As there is no physical prototype and the visualization content does not include construction data, intellectual property is protected. Once the exploration is complete, the resulting 3D configuration(s) can deliver further value as highly accurate visuals for cabin development, sales and marketing.

Passenger Experience

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Accelerate business acquisition and the design process with a more efficient workflow thanks to a rapid visualization process.
  • Enhance design feedback based on high-quality assets, incorporating changes on demand.
  • Enable a smoother selection and cabin personalization experience with predefined variant packages.
  • Reduce the number of costly physical prototypes by validating designs virtually.
  • Reuse resulting designs and configurations in downstream product development, sales and marketing processes.