Automation and Emotion Key to Competitiveness

Aerospace & Defense executives recognize the need to provide outstanding service to customers. In their quest to become customer driven, many companies have resorted to inventing new ideas and procedures to meet customer expectations. One option is to embrace open innovation, co-creation or mass-customization to fulfill consumer needs and deliver personalized services / products.  But many companies remain blocked by the challenges of managing the trade-off between customer demands and the increased costs of meeting those needs.

How can commercial and business jet original equipment manufacturers (OEM), completion centers, suppliers and airlines win the hearts of their consumers and do so profitably?

The Dassault Systèmes industry solution Passenger Experience allows you to…

  • Profitably deliver custom or personalized cabin interiors by automating engineering, manufacturing and certification processes while providing realistic visual assets for use by engineering, sales, marketing and training.
  • Differentiate in a highly competitive market by personalizing the customer buying process using high-end visualization to increase customer alignment and intimacy throughout the cabin completion process.
  • Win the hearts of consumers by providing a personalized marketing experience. Use existing visuals assets from engineering to produce attractive, dynamic content and campaigns targeting specific companies and individuals. 

From cabin and product configuration through to virtual cabin validation, better manage customer expectations to accelerate sales and reduce the number of engineering changes. 

Increase training efficiency and minimize time out of the field of cabin crews and aircraft on the ground by using three different forms of training and visualization content including web-based courseware, interactive game-based training and fully immersive 3D visualization.

Discover the values of the Passenger Experience industry solution:

  • Enhance sales by personalizing the buying experience with high-end 3D visualization throughout the sales cycle
  • Strengthen brand recognition and upsell through personalized marketing with striking and targeted visual marketing content
  • Increase competitiveness with automated cabin personalization processes 

The passenger's in-flight experience will increasingly be a decisive factor for the success of our aircraft on the global market

Mauro Kern Embraer Executive Vice President, Engineering and Technology