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Certification Intelligence & Analytics

Be on top of industry insights and hot topics

The certification process is an ongoing challenge as new technologies are presented and authorities across the globe build on experience, adding and updating regulations. To present, the process of collecting and distributing relevant information has be predominantly done by hand, manually searching and maintaining each company’s own library. Operating a successful certification campaign requires continued insight into updated regulations and available best practices. 

Facilitate early decision-making using Certification Intelligence, part of the License to Fly industry solution. The solution makes it easier for quality or aviation regulation advisors (also known as Librarians) to gather and distribute the most relevant and recent regulations, rules, standards, guidance, and so on.

Using Certification Intelligence applications on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, you will be able to:

  • Identify all specific rules for a given country to help ensure nothing is overlooked
  • Reveal hidden intelligence to reduce potential risk across the program.
  • Execute business decisions with greater confidence using real-time analytics linked to source data.



Key Highlights and Benefits:

Make better decisions with the ability to…

  • Aggregate content and data that matters from trusted sources 
  • Analyze and drill-down to article level for increased clarity
  • Collaborate and leverage experts’ collective intelligence using Smart Tagging
  • Create “potions” to apply business logic, automate decisions and facilitate corporate discipline
  • Generate and distribute ad-hoc reports to concerned recipients automatically