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Certification Governance

Manage and execute certification projects

A root cause to missing the type certification window lies in orchestrating the many individuals and organizations both inside the company and across the supply chain that contributes to delivering the program.

For the Compliance Officer, Requirements Manager, or Unit Member (aka Certification Verification Engineer in Europe), ensuring program success means getting the Type Certificate on time while controlling costs. On the critical path to success is both teamwork and maintaining confidence with the authorities. Using Certification Governance, part of the License to Fly industry solution, certification projects can now be successfully driven across the entire value chain.

For Compliance Officers, it’s all about mastering the impact of change for each decision in terms of cost and time. With Certification Governance on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, it is possible to have a real-time view to the status of the aircraft program certification basis, applicable requirements, and compliance checklist along with any special conditions. A significant outcome of immediate access to accurate information is the ability to deliver a certification package on demand and manage the audit process.

For Requirements Managers, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform enhances regulatory basis management (regulatory requirements and interpretations) with the ability to create and manage the regulation basis, document basis, interpretation basis, and special conditions. Establishing and tracking a regulations pipeline, alerts to amendments, and the ability to capitalize and reuse certification assets from previous programs reduces program risk and personal stress.  

As an engineering expert for a specific domain or discipline as delegated by the Compliance Officer, the Unit Member can use Certification Governance to enhance their ability to define and execute their strategy for meeting the authorities’ rules and regulations.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform facilitates collaboration among Project Engineers from the design organization along with Chief Scientific and Technical Advisors (CSTA) to ensure the program continues to meet the regulation requirements.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Peace of mind with Certification Management and Execution including project setup with team members, skills, plan, workflow, tasks, deliverables, requirements traceability and more.
  • Save time with the Certification Matrix to establish the conformity / compliance checklist, certification basis, means of compliance and statement of compliance.
  • No surprises with the Certification Cockpit to display project dashboards for a real-time view to certification status and meeting review notes, audit readiness, and key performance metrics.